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Antique Crazy quilts are judged by design, graphics, level of embellishment and overall condition.We have antique quilts truly astonishing in their level of needlework and graphic impact, and as always, guaranteed to be the very highest quality.These quilts were created using the block formation.Created with apx 10 1/2” blocks, the edge of each block being embellished with various stitches.Women wholeheartedly threw themselves into decorating every inch of the floors, walls and furniture.The culture of the times was full of symbolism, poetry and romance.In Europe quilting appears to have been introduced by Crusaders in the 12th century (Colby 1971), in particular in the form of the aketon or gambeson, a quilted garment worn under armour which later developed into the doublet.

However, these quilts were made from 1880 until the late 1890's.Silk in the 19th century was strictly the fabric of the wealthy.Because silks of this era were manufactured for affluent buyers, they were of the highest quality and have retained their original strength, luster, brilliance, and condition today. In the mid 19th century, two of the most popular silk quilt patterns were the Mosaic and the Log Cabin.Hanging is recommended for silk quilts to take advantage of the stunning play of light reflecting from the surface of silks and silk velvets. Silks, crepes and other early 20th century elegant fabrics. This Victorian crazy quilt, having been made in the 1880’s is comprised of wonderfully made silks and silk velvets.The mark of excellence for a v c q is 100 different stitches This quilt not only reaches this, but surpasses the level of embellishment.

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