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Taking dating to the next level

Friends have asked me when they should ask their partners and I always respond “why do you want to know so soon?” If people took their time with relationships like they do with friendships, then, the divorce rate and cancelled engagements would be greatly decreased.I really want to talk with her about my feelings, but I am afraid this will ruin our friendship.I don't know how she feels, but there are times when I think she may feel the same way. Answer: It sounds like you want to make a move only if you know exactly how it's going to turn out.

In my experience, asking the “where is it going” question too soon isn’t necessary.Most mature individuals, however, are able to talk about these situations, figure out which direction to go, and continue to be friends even if it does not work out. So get your head on straight about the risks, and accept responsibility for them.Then, if you have decided to move forward and act on your feelings, tell your friend exactly what you have told me.Nothing could be better for you right now…………You have met the man or woman of your dreams and you fully believe that this is the person you were meant to grow old with. Basically, all the usual dating relationship doubts.Taking the initiative to take your Dating Relationship a notch higher however seems daunting and you still have some small lingering doubts. Whether you have been just friends or you have been dating, taking a dating relationship to the next level is not easy.

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