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Common symptoms of firewall issues: Error message: The computer "computer name" could not be found / is not responding Error message: Searching for Sonos components Radio tab is empty or missing content Sonos software on your computer is not able to connect to a Zone Player or Zone Bridge - When configuring your firewall, be sure to look for pre-defined rules that could be blocking the ports Sonos uses.

Sophos Antivirus Software Install for Linux PDF format Sophos is Ryerson’s new antivirus software.

First you need to decompress the package (you may have chosen to do this as part of the download).

For example: 20- fastvue UTM httpproxy[5311]: id="0001" severity="info" sys="Secure Web" sub="http" name="http access" action="pass" method="GET" srcip="192.1" dstip="" user="" statuscode="200" cached="4" profile="REF_Default HTTPProfile (Default Proxy)" filteraction="REF_Default HTTPCFFAction (Default content filter action)" size="4" request="0x994b3c0" url=" exceptions="" error="" category="9998" reputation="Neutral" categoryname="Software/Hardware" content-type="text/plain" application="http" Fastvue is also happy to investigate your diagnostic log.

If there is another process listening on Port 514, the easiest solution is to change the port being used both in the syslog settings on your Sophos UTM (Logging and Reporting | Log Settings | Remote Syslog Server), and in the source in Fastvue Reporter (Settings | Sources). If all of the above checks out, there is an option you can enable in Fastvue Reporter to log all syslog messages received into the ' Dashboard.log' file (location shown in Settings | Diagnostic).

This logging level will grow the significantly, therefore this option is only available via the API by entering a specific URL into your address bar.

Please check with your local IT Support Staff about antivirus protection for college and departmental systems as local arrangements often apply, and installing the version intended for personal systems may cause problems.

A preconfigured installation package for Sophos for linux is available for installation onto personal laptops and desktops running Linux, together with some notes on installing and configuring the program.

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In order to download you have to provide you name and email address, and acceptan agreement.- Not available in default APT software repos for Ubuntu, Debian, etc, or in Sophos managed repos.- No desktop GUI interface.- Not all featues available from the web-GUI. These are generic instructions, and should work for most distros assuming they use Sudo and meet the system requirements to run Sophos Antivirus For Linux.

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