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If so, the Barclaycard Ring™ Mastercard is the card for you.

Before we dig into the details, you should know that one caveat is that the card requires excellent credit, typically considered to be a score of 750 or above.

(See FICO)Bluesnarfing is newest card fraud at gas pumps and ATMs -- With a skimmer and Bluetooth technology, fraudsters can sit nearby and intercept your payment transaction details ...

(See Fraud)Happy 50th birthday, ATM, you've come a long way -- Inventor of money dispenser says idea came to him in the bathtub. (See ATM)Infographic: Who uses digital wallets, and for what -- For now, they're the province of young urbanites with high incomes ...

But it just goes to show, it can happen any time when you’re not ready for it. It was a good lesson in checking my credit card account and fighting for what was right.

Looking for a card that not only offers a 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases, but also has no balance transfer fees and lets its cardholders influence profit or loss decisions and participate in a type of profit sharing?They quickly reversed the charges and investigated.However, today I noticed the reversal was reversed once again and added to my balance as valid charges. So this is what I did to solve this maddening issue of these XBOX charges: So while it’s a pain to get a new credit card, I don’t want some Gamer in Glendale buying ‘virtual points’ for his gaming escapades.(See Digital wallets)10 tips to simplify online shopping returns -- Unexpected return shipping cost and far away brick-and-mortar stores can make online shopping a headache.Here are tips from experts to make it less stressful ...

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And that’s exactly what he was buying – you can learn about them here.

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