Just canterbury dating

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Just canterbury dating

The 45-year-old mother-of-two overturned Sir Julian's near 10,000 majority, ending his 30-year tenure as MP and the Conservatives' hold on the seat which has been unbroken for more than a century.Scroll down for audio A result was originally expected at 3am on Friday morning, but the Conservatives called for a recount after Labour won a provisional vote by less than 200.Ms Duffield, who moved to Canterbury in 1998, she stood in the Canterbury City Council election of 2015 when she lost to the Conservatives in St Stephen's.Asked to explain yesterday's victory, Ms Duffield said: "We have had a lot of young people coming over to Labour.Ms Duffield's 187-vote win over Sir Julian Brazier ended his 30 years as an MP and broke the Conservatives' grip on the seat - long regarded as "true blue".But just over a month ago she was unheard of, except outside the city's Labour Party circles.Sir Julian attributed his loss partly to an increased number of student voters in the constituency.

Ms Duffield picked up double the votes her party did in 2015 with 25,572 – beating Conservative Sir Julian Brazier's 25,385 by just 187 votes.

The 45-year-old is a mother-of-two who lives in central Canterbury.

Until a year ago she had been a teaching assistant, but gave that up to concentrate on writing political satire. People are really worried about the health service.

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