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Dating adolescent

Dating Violence / E-News / Parent Tips / Parent-Teen Communication / Parenting / Setting Boundaries / Sexual Assault / Teen Apps / Teen Peer Groups / Teen self-esteem / Teen Sexting / Teens and Technology can often seem mysterious in this digital age. The Pew Research Institute conducted research on this very topic and published its findings in 2015.

It’s not always easy for a parent to ascertain the nature of their child’s relationships or to keep track of the ups and downs that take place during these romantic relationships. The hope is that the findings will help parents have a better understanding of the role that technology plays in their teen’s dating life and how they can be supportive even if they lack personal experience with these new norms.

It also adds to the literature demonstrating the key importance of adolescent romantic relationships in shaping youth development.” Previous research has indicated that about 10 percent of adolescents report experiencing physical dating violence, while others experience threats, name-calling, or other forms of abuse.

For example, recent studies have shown that adolescents use technology to harass and abuse others, including dating partners.

Compared to people who were not victimized in adolescence, those who experienced teen dating violence were more likely to report physical intimate-partner violence in those later years.

The authors, including Emily Rothman, associate professor of community health sciences, said more research is needed to understand “why and how these trajectories occur.” Among the possible factors they mention are increased risks of depression and substance use.

Results showed that adolescents used technology to initiate and dissolve dating relationships, often with text messages or posts to social networking sites.

Technology use also caused jealousy, and it was used to monitor and isolate partners from others.

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Rothman said the findings suggest that more needs to be done to identify adolescents who have experienced dating violence, through screenings in pediatric offices, school-based health centers, and other healthcare settings.